Open sources

We are discussing open sources that we have used in BHS Session 2013 A

Khan Academy– Dylan

Screenr– Daniel

WordPress – Jayden

Weebly – Isly

P2PU – Abraham

Dropbox – Javin

Google drive – Aaron

Photobucket – Tasha





Watched the Vimeo on P2PU that I found from the resources given on wikispaces for free tech 4 teachers

Their mission to go forward with education as learning with and from one another in unrestricted environments frees the access and the manao (knowledge) globally. Freemium is premium education from accreditation no longer chained to making learners indebted for the majority of their lives to repay for educational financing. This is just one of the many strategies they employ that I recommend for you to check for yourself. (It’s the one that I feel is foundational to sharing manao!!!)  Then I started following both on twitter!!!



Chicago Teacher Strike

“Lewis said there was progress on the two most vexing issues – using student test scores to evaluate teachers and giving more authority to local principals to hire teachers.”

For me this sentence says that the employer will not only control your employment based on factors not in your total control but also be given the full power to do so. Where are the check and balances in that idea?

“The union fears Emanuel plans to close scores of schools, putting unionized teachers out of work. In recent years, about 100 public schools have been closed, with officials usually citing low enrollment. At the same time, a similar number of publicly funded, non-union charter schools have opened.”

I also think that its a way that is trying to de-unionize the union that has been only trying to receive a fair shake for the unconditional love that is priceless to countless lives without expecting any return but hoping for a better quality of life for those involved.

The fight does not appear to center on wages, with the school district offering an average 16 percent increase over four years and some benefit improvements.

But a major credit rating agency on Thursday warned that Chicago cannot afford the salary rises it is offering the teachers, and any deal will bust the budget.

“It’s highly likely that actual salary increases will exceed budgeted salary increases,” Moody’s Investor Services said.

Rating agencies already have downgraded the debt rating of the school district, which means it might have to pay a higher interest rate to issue debt to finance deficits.”

Then it says that the pay offer is not going to happen even if they offer it but no other government agency like higher paying officials (like here) do not get a pay cut but always in legislation sessions have their pay rate increase.

I invite any and all concerns to any and all of these issues to be open and appropriate to engage in the discussion.

Pupukahi i holomua.

Translation: Unite to move forward.

Explanation: By working together we make progress. This saying would be especially applicable to the Hawaiians on their canoes where each paddler would have to pull the paddles together on command in order to make the canoe move forward quickly forward.

What kind of effect/s has technology had on social behavior?

I noticed Bert had tweeted on suicide from bullying in Japan recently.

Funny that he would tweet that issue and this week is the week after a funeral of a teen student who had connections to several students I work with. The circumstance was an overdose. Many social issues such as family dynamics, social relationships, engaging in illegal activities such as drugs and alcohol for teens are just a few to mention here. These are not new issues and my thoughts that they were not new issues made me wonder of the change in society into the information age from the industrial age. As I have been given readings for the courses of this program I have read that the current educational system was established on the premise of the industrial age needs and continues to function on that same premise. It raises the questions as to how and when will it be founded on the premise for the information age so the appropriateness of the times is addressed. It feels like so much contention to have to speak up on what is not working in education in these times and get even more resistance toward pro active solutions. It could be just me that may feel this way but from the evidence that the testing is connected to the funding and the type of testing is based on the industrial age premise just does not match the day and age of our current abilities. The testing is just an example of an issue that I see as antiquated.

Where are the social services in the school and community at large with application of program implementation of curriculum for a healthy social and mental quality of life? I too see certain students struggling on a daily basis to just cope with even coming to school. Once at school another level of just trying to make it through one class at a time and even to feel they can walk to and from the restroom in social safety. Participation in class is all together another level of effort. I can only imagine how physically taxing it is on a student after such a trying day to mentally keep it together for the sake of social acceptance, only to fall asleep in agony and realizing that waking means to do it all over again.

Our school had a presentation last week on rachelschallenge by her dad. Today we had an advisory class which included each student to write on a paper chain link a moment they were given or were they received an act of kindness. I also had extra links after, that the next class of students wanted to add more moments of kindness. I also felt I needed to become a giver and appropriately receive acts of kindness. I noticed the students noticed the shift from the class management process to a whole class involvement in each others behaviors that affect us all.

I recently attended a conference with another curriculum keep kids safe that I would highly recommend (which I did to one of our school’s counselors today via email, and tweeted earlier). With the advancement of technology has social behavior been affected by the high use of technology? Is there a pro active approach to aid in the quality of life for us all to live? What kind of affect can/does technology have? I realize with out doing any research yet, how just having questions seems so overwhelming but I hope this is the beinning of the journey aiding in resolving something that we all can benefit from by means of the technology but even deeper by the quality of life each of us willing share to one another.