Open sources

We are discussing open sources that we have used in BHS Session 2013 A

Khan Academy– Dylan

Screenr– Daniel

WordPress – Jayden

Weebly – Isly

P2PU – Abraham

Dropbox – Javin

Google drive – Aaron

Photobucket – Tasha





Watched the Vimeo on P2PU that I found from the resources given on wikispaces for free tech 4 teachers

Their mission to go forward with education as learning with and from one another in unrestricted environments frees the access and the manao (knowledge) globally. Freemium is premium education from accreditation no longer chained to making learners indebted for the majority of their lives to repay for educational financing. This is just one of the many strategies they employ that I recommend for you to check for yourself. (It’s the one that I feel is foundational to sharing manao!!!)  Then I started following both on twitter!!!



so many new and existing tools to learn i need a way to organize and function more efficiently due to time management for all activities

after reading an assigned article, at the bottom were blogs on the article and a blogger offered the symbaloo site as a suggestion then i checked it out and have started using symbaloo

it allows me to put each needed bookmarked technology tools/sites on a tile on one page/tab or create additional tabs/page for other topics

given are other pages/tabs for news feeds

another page/tab for news highlights

a tab for sports ect…

i have been using pearltress but the server i’m at during educational work restricts access so i had to find an alternative that i would have access to anywhere on any computer