Week 3 • Online interaction, brain research & online learning part 1 due 9/11/12

How could this material help you?
This material has helped because I have a better understanding as to how to better develop the course so the students would be able to increase their skills and abilities in the use of the various tools. It has also helped with how to develop the students learning level from the first stage to the fourth of the R2D2 model so by the final product they would have an authentic student product.

What considerations seem to be most important for creating dynamic online learning?
The considerations that seem to be the most important for creating dynamic online learning is the type of delivery to match the type of learner.
Why (be specific)?
I think it is better for the delivery to match the learner so the learner will have the highest possible opportunity to succeed. For example, the learner whose learning style for an asynchronous style would benefit most from that delivery.

Reflect on how the material might fit within your own work, community, or personal environment.
I had Discovery Education that was an invaluable tool of tools for all learner levels but not anymore. One of the most valuable tools on this tool are the student self assessments that were assigned as a pre-assessment. Once taken the student is able to review all the questions and the recommendations to resources to give knowledge of the correct answer. The recommendations had tools such as an interactive video that includes vocabulary by reinforcing the concept and the student is able to engage with the interactive video to find the definitions, pause or stop and go back to review if needed.
Currently I integrate gmail and its features in the classroom. We use the lab report format in a collaborative effort to write up the lab or experiment. It allows collaborators to revise at their own availability and see each others completion of the report and help one another with suggestions before submission. We also have integrated Cornell notes in the gdocs for class notes.  Vocabulary is also included in the notes but not just to find and hyperlink the site for definition but also to locate an image and an additional reliable resource for that specific word, both hyperlinked too.
The R2D2 model is a tool that I want to integrate but just to the extent that in a F2F that accessibility to technology will allow on a very limited/scarce amount of resources.


3 thoughts on “Week 3 • Online interaction, brain research & online learning part 1 due 9/11/12

  1. Rose, it sounds like you are doing a lot! Awesome. Interavitve videos sound great with narration and animation as discussed in Menchaca’s presenation. Wow. Google offers so much. I’ve never used the lab report format. I keep learning more and more about google. I love that the UH email is gmail. Thanks for sharing your mana’o. Mahalo, Tina

  2. Aloha Rose, First and foremost, I enjoyed how your response was so student centered. The kind of commitment to the learner that you posses is the most important part of being an effective educator. I do not feel like this is something that can be taught in the classroom. It is a mindset that is essential to building your classroom to be like an ohana which is an environment where local students thrive. Maikai loa!

    Your thoughts on delivering instruction to match the learning style of your students is important. I am enjoying this course because the instructor and ta’s are introducing us to so many different formats and building up our technological toolboxes. This building of resources and knowledge will allow us to cater to our diverse classrooms and/or workplaces.

  3. Rose, it was nice talking with you yesterday in class. Today, I enjoyed reading your reflection. I agree that we have to understand and accept student’s own learning styles and develop an online class reflecting their learning styles. In my class, I accept students’ learning styles, but I also encourage them to try new learning strategies. I think they can learn better by being flexible and trying new ways of learning. Mahalo for your great reflection. Hyeri

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